"Paid for by Mary Jo for New Mexico, Amanda Romero, Treasurer"

Why Mary Jo is the Best Choice:

"The entrenched leadership of our district is unresponsive, self-serving and votes against our best interest. As your elected representative, my #1 Job is to galvanize our district into a community where we are all shareholders in discussing our shared concerns, challenges and problem solving together." - - Mary Jo Jaramillo

  • I will advocate for an economy that works for all
  • I support accessible and affordable Health Care for all New Mexicans
  • I commit to running a clean issue-driven campaign (No Corporate Donations)
  • I will fight crime by:
    • advocating for adequate funding of our courts and district attorneys
    • rebuilding our mental health support systems, the root cause of much crime
  • I support expanded investment in renewable energy projects and fair apportionment of water rights
  • I will work to strengthen our public school systems to give our students every avenue possible to succeed


"Mary Jo's conviction matches her loyalty and fierce dedication to her community"- Pam Cordova, President of NM Federation of Democratic Women

"Mary Jo worked as my paralegal, she is a dynamo with a big heart." VOTE FOR HER! H. Vern Payne, Attorney, Los Lunas, NM



Mary Jo's District

District 8 Map


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