"Paid for by Mary Jo for New Mexico, Amanda Romero, Treasurer"

Roots in NM

Mary Jo comes from a long line of New Mexico natives. She can trace her roots back at least six generation in the Land of Enchantment.

Mary Jo and her husband Richard have raised two sons and now enjoy the pleasure of their four grandchildren. Richard comes from generations of cattle ranchers and farmers and Mary Jo understands first hand, the needs and challenges facing the farmers and ranchers in New Mexico.

Social Advocacy and Political Action - A Family Tradition

Many people talk, few spring to action. Mary Jo learned individual responsibility and service to her community from her family. In addition she learned to be a tireless advocate for social justice.

As a graduate of EmergeNM 2011, she believes that people in the community are better able to solve community problems than bureaucrats having no connection to the community.

Mary Jo saw the need to offer education to a marginalized group of students and created an opportunity where there once was none. Nuestros Valores Charter School, in the South Valley of Albuquerque - Her most successful achievement. But it doesn’t stop there.

Stepping Up

In the State Legislature, Mary Jo will fight to preserve social services for those most in need, with attention to the marginalized; the elderly, young children, at risk youth, and blended families.

Mary Jo will work to battle the opioid addiction epidemic that has affected New Mexico and the entire nation. There are no long-term treatment options here in New Mexico, which is a travesty and a moral outrage. She will work to change the culture that sees the victims of opioid addiction as not worthy or hopeless. She has first-hand experience with this gut wrenching and all too common problem. This pandemic touched her family. Mary Jo knows how it affects entire families and ultimately steals resources from our community.


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