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Humble Beginnings

I began my working career in 1977 for Tenny Culp, then Bernalillo County Clerk, I performed many tasks, assisting the public and representatives from title companies with property searches involving rights-of-way, plats and other real estate transactions and other historical documents recorded with the office. This is where I discovered my passion for researching and working directly with public.

In 1980, I went to work for Public Service Company of New Mexico in an entry level customer service position. Over time, I was promoted and given more and more responsibility until I was recruited by PNM's attorneys to assist with two very intensive regulatory matters before the NM Public Regulatory Commission. I focused on trial preparation and assisted expert and other company witnesses with research and locating the company documents which supported their testimonies.

Expanding Horizons

Because of this experience, I embarked into my Paralegal training and certification. For the next 10 years I would continue my work in the utility field assisting PNM & Gas Company of New Mexico with rate cases, environmental matters and oil and gas litigation before the NM Public Regulatory Commission as well as in State and Federal District Courts.

I have gained a strong understanding of the utility industry, including the gathering and processing of natural gas, infrastructure and right-of-way matters.

I also have been honored to work in the Indian Law area, where I worked extensively with Tribal Elders and Leaders on water rights and other important tribal issues.

I have spent the last 35 years coordinating and meeting deadlines. I can communicate with board members, council members and corporate leaders, as well as relate and communicate with the common citizen.


I also have a reputation of being uber forensic when it comes to documentation. One example of this is when a former boss of mine had been embezzled by his office manager. To find out how much was taken, my boss called me in. In 6 months, I found the fraud, how it was done, and who it affected. Rooting out corruption or wrongdoing is tough, and I am driven to make it stop.


Boards and Associations

“I am a hard-working and dedicated individual who gives everything my all. I am not afraid to ask questions and I have never let my fears keep me from taking on something I was not sure of at first.” - - Mary Jo Jaramillo




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