"Paid for by Mary Jo for New Mexico, Amanda Romero, Treasurer"

Renewable Energy

We should be the world leader in wind and solar energy by broadening our investment in those industries. Our education programs should include training a workforce to design and maintain those systems.

Common Sense Taxes

I believe, as does every serious economic expert, that the trickle-down theory is a cruel myth - a false theory to excuse tax cuts for the rich. We need to reform the tax system to return more money into local people's pockets which benefits our local communities. We need a more progressive tax system so that the rich and the corporations begin paying their fair share. This is especially important with respect to national corporations that pay no gross receipts tax to this state for business conducted here.

Economic Incentives

Out of state companies who seek to do business in our state must respect our culture and workers. The state often enters into incentive agreements in the form of funding and tax incentives to locate in our state. When these agreements are broken, these companies must be held accountable for the terms of the contract.

Supporting Our Seniors

Preserving and restoring services that have been cut, to the generations that earned it, is a priority. Many of our seniors depend on programs like Meals on Wheels. We must increase funding to Senior Centers to ensure enough meals are available at the centers. We must increase before and after school programs for our youth. We should continue funding New Mexico Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) emergency funding for grandparents caring for other family members children.


I am from a union family. I oppose union busting and so-called Right To Work legislation, which are attempts to destroy unions so that workers will have no rights to stand up to corporations. For workers it equals a “Right to Work ……For Less Money”. The Right to Work requires labor unions to give a "free ride", to support workers who refuse to pay for labor union representation.

I see the recent US Supreme Court JANUS decision as a deliberate attempt to destroy our unions and I will stand strong and fight for our unions.



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