"Paid for by Mary Jo for New Mexico, Amanda Romero, Treasurer"

Campaign Finance

I refuse all corporate campaign contributions. Why? Because it is obvious that people work for those who pay them. I am proud to say that my donors are all individuals and unions, and so I work to represent them, not the interests of corporations.

Money has a corrosive effect on our elections. The buying of our elections by rich donors is a disgrace. The Federal Government has failed to address the problem, so I will be promoting necessary reforms at the state level. I support the expansion of public campaign financing so that ordinary people can run for office.

Punishing Corruption in Government

Politicians should not be above the law. Unfortunately, some commit fraud or violate ethics standards and leave office with a full retirement from the government. I support a bill that would make lawmakers that commit fraud, pay-to-play deals, or serious ethics violations, to have their public retirement benefits revoked. The time to clean up the way we do things in New Mexico is now.




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