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Good Healthcare Builds Strong Communities

The Federal Government has failed to establish adequate and affordable health insurance opportunities for all Americans. The recent cuts to the program have made a bad program even worse. I would support the proposal by NMHealthSecurity.org to guarantee affordable health care to every NM resident.

We need to rebuild the mental and behavioral health programs and restore the providers that Gov Suzannah Martinez wrongfully put out of business. Her actions caused thousands to suddenly go without vital treatments. Increases suicides and crime were the result. Proper mental and behavioral health stabilizes our communities.

We need to expand our drug rehabilitation options, so anybody can receive treatment when they need it. We need to look at what works including long term sober living facilities offering life and job skill training to wholly rehabilitate people.

Hundreds of our babies are born to addicted mothers each year. Early intervention is the only way to ensure that any disability is detected and dealt with before they reach school age. We need to continue to fund early intervention home programs throughout the state.

I support funding to Planned Parenthood and a woman's right to choose as a matter between a woman and her doctor. I oppose those who want government and laws to dictate to a woman what she can and cannot do with her own body. That includes the choice to breast feed rather than being forced to use formula.

I oppose cuts to Medicare and Medicaid and support the state accepting federal money to help with these programs.

I support a person's right to end of life decisions without governmental interference.





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