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ISSUE TITLE Baldonado Voted Jaramillo Position EXPLANATION
Big Money Corrupts Our Democracy Some Candidates Accept Donations from Big-Money Corporations. He has accepted over $14K from out-of-state oil companies alone.


Accepts NO corporate donations NO I will not accept contributions from oil & gas or big corporate donors. I am relying upon individual grassroots small donor based contributions and have accepted a contribution from one of the Unions that has endorsed me. As a side note, I support expanding public campaign financing
Trickle-Down Economics The trickle-down theory states that cutting taxes on the rich will trickle-down and benefit the Middle Class. Incorrect core assumptions will result in bad policy advocacy. Believes in and supports this theory


Rejects this theory


We must restructure our tax system so that corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share. We must make tax cuts to the working middle class who will spend $$ at the community level. Any tax savings will NEVER trickle down - we must allocate any tax savings directly
2017/HB442 Minimum wage increase bill (did not pass) NO YES Wages have been stagnant for decades even as productivity and profits have risen. Thus the wealth redistribution from the Middle Class to the upper class has gotten worse during this time. My opponent voted against even a slight minimum wage increase.
2017/HB575 Health Security Plan Analysis Act – the first step toward a system for health insurance to cover all NM residents. Visit NM Health Security. NO YES I would support a comprehensive study to determine the feasibility and sustainability of a program that would provide health insurance to all NM residents
2018/HM9 Explore Medicaid buy-in plan NO YES This legislation would merely explore the expansion of medicaid to cover more people in NM by allowing them to buy into the program. This is even more important considering the changes that the federal government is doing to Obamacare. But Alonzo voted against even the study of the expansion.
2013/HB168 Establish a non-profit health insurance exchange program NO YES I would support an avenue wherein NM residents could receive assistance in researching and seeking out the best health care coverage for a reasonable premium
2014/HB82 Prohibit state officials from becoming lobbyists for 2 years after leaving state service NO YES I firmly believe there should be a waiting period to go from State Official, in any capacity, to becoming a lobbyist. This will reduce the potential for corruption.
2017/SB121 Prohibits (Gay) Conversion Therapy NO YES This practice is both inhumane and unnecessary - not to mention ridiculous!
2017/SB259 Prohibits people convicted of domestic violence from owning firearms NO YES I would not support legislation that would allow anyone convicted of any kind of domestic violence charges to legally own a firearm no matter what their professional occupation may be.
2015/HB75 Right-To-Work (union busting) Law YES NO Unions were established in the late 1800's and have been a part of the American way of life. When unions prosper our economy prospers. I am from a hard working union family and I will stand by and support unions always!
2013/HB465 Reduce penalties for marijuana possession NO YES We should not only reduce penalties for marijuana possession, we should legalize marijuana for recreational use in NM broadening our tax base and revenue to fund education and infrastructure
2013/HJR10 Fund permanent school fund from the Land Grant Fund NO YES

New Mexico’s Land Grant Permanent Fund is the 2nd highest in the Country. Meanwhile New Mexico ranks 50th in the nation in educating our students. We should look more closely at setting the standard for adequate funding and use what ever funds necessary to ensure any deficiencies the the permanent school fund can be met by funds from the Land Grant Fund.

2017/HB166 Exempt Hemp from Controlled Substances NO YES Exemption would allow the agricultural community to divest into new options for sustainable crops providing the pathway to a whole new industry and revitalizing revenues sources for our agricultural communities
2017/HB155 Medical Cannabis Research Act NO YES This bill sought to amend sections of the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act and the Department of Health Act to provide for Medical Cannabis Research; the creation of a Cannabis Research Advisory Counsel; the creation of a Cannabis Research fund, Limiting Liability for Researchers and making appropriations, all of which I would support.
2018/HB64 Pet Food Fee for Animal Programs NO YES The bill would charge pet food companies a small fee to fund a program to provide assistance for animal shelters and low income people to spay and neuter their pets. The bill passed, but the Governor Martinez vetoed the bill.


For more detailed information about legistlation visit https://nmlegis.gov/Legislation/BillFinder/Number

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